Sports Massage in Delhi

What is Sports Massage?

Staying top in sports, an athlete has to be fit, keep that in mind Massage Craze Offers a great session of Sports Massage in Delhi. Let us understand the definition, process, benefits and side-effect of sports massage.

Sports massage is bodywork for the participants of the athletics. It helps an athlete to heal sports injuries. Sports therapists prepare an athlete by this therapy for a match to perform well. This massage works as oxygen to the body of a sports person, and it needs consistency and more focus during the pre and post-event (match).

During the sports events, it got spread worldwide. Over time the benefits of sports massage have been widely accepted. It has become part of their training programs.

sports massage in delhi
procedure of sports massage in delhi

Complete Procedure of Sports Massage

Sports massage comprises different massage techniques—light stroking is termed as ‘Effleurage’ performed with the palms or the thumbs. The required pressure depends upon the conditions of the muscle, pressure & strokes increases blood supply to the tissue.

The double-handed kneading practice is called Petrissage. The muscles are picked up and compressed — this technique helpful loosening the tight bunches of muscles. Toning of the flesh is obtained by applying the finger’s percussive strokes.

Even cupping of hand is involved in striking with the muscles. Muscle toning, contractions, deep cross-fiber friction, are standard practices. Breaking down of scar tissue, and jostling are also included in the usual methods. A good sports massage therapist will combine various techniques to achieve the desired result. Typical Sports massage sessions are generally last for 60-90 minutes.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage is a general term consist of three steps. Each type of massage has its own merits and required different applied techniques.
Pre-event sports massage is a preventive methodology to prevent severe athletic injury.

It keeps ready the muscles by stretching them and making them flexible for required athletic performance. It increases the flow of blood and nourishment to the flesh. Muscles are prepared with reduced tension and stiffness. It also creates a platform for psychological readiness.
Microtraumas are observed post athletics or after the heavy exercises.

Swellings recognize microtraumas in the muscle because of tiny tears. Post-event sports massage deals with microtraumas and restores the reasonable condition of the muscles.

Maintenance sports massage is a regular program for the athlete. Maintenance massage is meant for the proper requirement of the muscles. It increases the flow of blood, providing the required nourishment to the muscles. It stops the development of scar tissue, which increases the flexibility and motion of the tissue. These are all set to maximize athletic performance.

Limitations and Side-effects

Sports Massage may be appropriate for healing specific sports injuries. The treatment of an injury should be done under the supervision of a qualified sports therapist. One should see the specialist in sports medicine before undergoing the massage service.

Specific ligament and joint injuries may be aggravated by sports massage. People other than athletics may also benefit from this massage. They should not be suffering from any infectious disease, high BP, or osteoporosis kind of conditions. They should be properly consulted if having ailments like phlebitis, varicose veins aneurysm. This massage is also not advisable in the case of heavy bruising, hernia, and inflammation due to tissue damage.

Side Effects
Sports massage therapy is safe and widely accepted and practiced across the sports community. It may be beneficial to anyone having similar injuries and problems. There are no undesirable side effects.

For more info you can see Sports Massage Q&A by AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association)

How to Book a Sports Massage in Delhi?

Sports massage is an established and accepted form of massage practice. Various studies in different countries have listed the benefits of this massage therapy. The method of sports massage is considered with no controversy. It produces visible results in muscle performance, therefore one should not hesitate booking a session of Sports Massage in Delhi.

Our team of Sports massage therapist has undergone long hours of training programs. They have requisite qualifications and experiences. and gone with many sessions and observed for results. We have a well-designed sports massage program at our Spas in Delhi to serve the sports community.